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    Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer

    TK FOUNDATION supports those that has been affected with breast cancer, we offer the Road to recovery , Look Good & Feel Good. TK wants to support you!

  • Goals: to help other women find strength and comfort.

    Nineteen years after losing my sister, “I felt like It was time to do something, and do whatever I can do,“ I don’t know if a cure will be found in my lifetime, but I hope I can help raise enough awareness.”

    All Breast cancer survivors will receive special recognition at every walk

    The mission of the TK Breast Cancer Foundation is to inspire, comfort, and help “Our Breast Cancer Survivors “reach recovery. As well as raise awareness to breast cancer in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, by encouraging early detections, diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

    All Breast cancer survivors will receive special recognition at every walk

    The funds raised will stay local, supporting programs such as Road to Recovery, which gives women transportation to treatments;

    Look Good Feel Better, --which helps women deal with the appearance affects of cancer treatment;

    Reach to Recovery, --which connects newly diagnosed women with survivors for support.

    ~ Annie Wren​

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    A Call to Action

    Breast cancer is a leading cause of death among women worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, with an estimated 1.7 million new cases diagnosed in 2012 alone. Despite its prevalence, breast cancer is often seen as a taboo subject. In many cultures, women are reluctant to talk about their breasts or any problems they may be experiencing. As a result, Breast cancer awareness and support organizations have been working to break the silence surrounding this disease. Through public education campaigns and fundraising efforts, these groups are working to increase awareness of breast cancer and provide support for those affected by the disease. While there is still no cure for breast cancer, significant progress has been made in recent years towards developing better treatments and improving survival rates. With continued research and awareness efforts, it is hoped that one day breast cancer will be eradicated entirely.

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